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Monday, March 29, 2010

Post UFC 111

It seems UFC fans have developed a theory that fighters are only great
when they have standup wars with their opponents. Dan Hardy, had he
practiced takedown defense, could have lit up fireworks in his title
shot against Georges St. Pierre. The Outlaw's standup is incredible
and could have knocked out GSP. However the champion was able to take
down Hardy at will and utilize his ground game, perhaps his greatest
strength aside from his wrestling. Rush was 100% with his takedown
attempts and was able to attempt a few submissions while Hardy
defended all of them-2 of the greatest moments of the fight was Hardy
getting trapped in an armbar and kimura but did not tap and was able
to fight out of both of the champion's submissions attempts. I was
watching the fights live in Newark and the crown responded negitavely
whenever the fight stayed on the ground. This response by fans
continued post fight on Twitter as Dana White recieved angry tweets
stating how boring the fight was. MMA has many aspects to it and the
ground game is a significant part, and fans need to realize that. The
excitement of a fight should not be measured by the stand up battle as
it was last Saturday. Some tweets included fans stating that if they
wanted to watch a wrestling match they would watch their local college
matches. Well if fans just want to see standup brawls, why not watch

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  1. hahah i laugh at the people that cry about ground wars,you shoulda seen the bar i was in when i was watching the fights,it went fuckin absolutely insane when GSP took him down,was such a good environment..i loved it


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