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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Strikeforce on CBS vs UFC on Spike

April 17th is now going to host two events from two of the top MMA promotions. Strikeforce has had an event planned for a while now featuring some amazing fighters and 3 title bouts. The event is being billed as Strikeforce: Nashville and now has an official poster too!
The event is free on CBS and has an awesome card:
Middleweight Championship bout: Jake Shields vs.  Dan HendersonLight Heavyweight Championship bout: Gegard Mousasi vs.Muhammed LawalLightweight Championship bout: Gilbert Melendez vs. Shinya Aoki

(Fedor was originally planned to headline the bout, however he will not be fighting. Cung Le has also expressed interest in fighting)
So we know Strikeforce has a great card that has been being planned out for quite some time now. Nothing could compare right? Well Dana White hopes to change some minds out there by hosting an event on the same day. In the same city. That's right, Spike is the probable channel to be hosting a rival event to Strikeforce's which takes place in Nashville along with Strikeforce. Now we know UFC is a better promotion than Strikeforce but how can the UFC develop such a good card in so little time? It was rumored Mike Swick would be fighting Matt Serra, but Swick quickly put down those rumors himself. Some believe Kimbo Slice will get a main event slot to attract viewers. But only time will tell as of now. But I will leave you with some numbers to consider. UFC countered Strikeforce Miami with a UFC 107 REPLAY on Spike the same night, same time. While the Strikeforce card, which was a very good card in itself, received 517,000 viewers, the replay of the UFC 107 card attracted 2.2 million viewers. So the UFC could attract many more viewers and ticket sales to its event than Strikeforce will, but again, only time will tell! Keep checking back for updates to these events!

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