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Thursday, March 11, 2010

UFC Primetime on Spike

The UFC Primetime for UFC 111 which hosted it's debut episode last night on Spike drew a record 1 million viewers. Be sure to check out this show! It is very exciting and is sure to get you excited for UFC 111 on March 27th. Here's a quick recap of the last episode followed by some exclusive clips from the UFC:
  • St. Pierre gave us a look at his training regimen, including traveling to NY to work with Renzo Gracie and Muay Thai expert Phil Nurse
  • Dan Hardy gave us a look into his camp back in England training with Andre Winner as well as his coaches who push him to his limits to ensure he is ready for Georges St. Pierre
  • Hardy goes to train in Newark a month before his fight, and after a cancellation from his expected new gym, he switches his plans and goes to train with the man who gave GSP his last loss, Matt Serra
  • The ending scene involving Hardy training with Serra should attract even more viewers next week considering Serra was only 1 of 2 of GSP's losses in the octagon 
These are some exclusive clips provided by the UFC that gives a decent preview of what to expect from the show, and if you did catch the show last night, these clips were not actually on the show so be sure to check them out!
Dan Hardy talks about trash talk with GSP-very funny!:

GSP talks about a bet he made with his buddy during the winter olympics hockey finals:

some of GSP's intense workout:

Be sure to watch this awesome show every Wednesday leading up to UFC 111!


  1. i feel like your biased towards gsp. two gsp vids. one dan hardy vid. what about all of us brits who want dan hardy to kick that fuckin canadians buttocks?

  2. These are the videos on the UFC youtube profile...these are the only 3 clips from the show if anyone is biased it would be the UFC


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