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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

UFC Primetime:St. Pierre vs Hardy TONIGHT!

The first episode aired last week on March 10th, and ended in a dramatic way leaving us with the information that Hardy is staying for a month in Newark in preparation for his fight against Georges St. Pierre. We were also left with the final scene showing Dan Hardy going to the school of former welterweight champion Matt Serra who beat GSP for the title at UFC 69 (buy from Amazon: Ultimate Fighting Championship, Vol. 69: Shoot Out). Tonight we will see how The Outlaw will train with Serra and more of GSP's training and how he spends his time leading up to the fight. The first episode was very entertaining, and this episode is sure to pump up MMA fans for UFC 111! Check out some of these exclusive clips from the UFC below and be sure to catch tonight's episode of UFC Primetime at 10 PM EST/7 PM PST on SPIKE:
GSP's accent is always entertaining, check out this clip of GSP going to get a haircut and enjoy the French Canadian accent!

As an extension clip to the ending of episode 1, see Dan Hardy meet Matt Serra outside of his school in New York:

Don't miss this episode!

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