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Monday, April 26, 2010

Tito Ortiz Charged With Assault

The former UFC Light Heavyweight champion was charged with assault
against his girlfriend Jenna Jameson today, and was hauled off to
jail. Jameson will be pressing charges and has already gotten a
restraining order against Ortiz. But what I'm sure you readers are
curious about (since this is an MMA blog) is how this will affect his
status in the UFC. Well it didn't take long for UFC president Dana
White to step in and issue a comment and stated the UFC can cut Ortiz,
but White has not made an official decision yet. But let's face it-
Ortiz is no longer very popular in the UFC and his fighting career is
nowhere as exciting as it was earlier and his attitude and actions are
not what the UFC or MMA needs now. We may not see Ortiz fighting in
the UFC again (especially because he is in jail now). And if the UFC
cuts Babalu and Nick Diaz, it is very probable they will cut Ortiz.

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