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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

UFC 115-The Rumors Were True

About a month ago, rumors emerged on the internet stating Chuck Liddell would not be facing Tito Ortiz in his return to the octagon, despite being rival coaches on TUF 11. The rumors stating Liddell would now be facing Rich Franklin, former UFC middleweight champion and high school teacher. The rumors were dismissed within hours by Dana White (or so the websites said). However, the UFC website reported on their news section today that the main event of UFC 115 will now be Franklin vs Liddell in the light heavyweight division. The rumors stated Ortiz was not able to complete his role on TUF 11 and was replaced by Franklin. These rumors have not been disproven or proven yet, and Dana has stated he will not tell the fans why the change has taken place and states that we will find out by watching the Ultimate Fighter show this season. Bottom line is UFC 115 will now be headlined by Liddell vs Franklin which is probably a better fight than a third Liddell Ortiz fight in which Liddell has won both of the previous fights.

And good news for the young MMA Blogg-this is the 100th post! Thank you all for reading!


  1. What do you expect ??? Tito is a wuss...

  2. ultimate fighting championship also knows as ufc is one of the most perfect fights for all the people who have a fighting skills like Liddell and Franklin. want to watch them live!

    Liddell vs Franklin live


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