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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Post UFC 113

It seems every MMA event (with the exception of WEC 48) in the past month have had some controversy. UFC 111 left many opposed to GSP's tactic to grind out a victory despite his attempts to finish the tough Dan Hardy. UFC 112 had a main event that showed Anderson Silva lacking in performance once again-he could have finished off Maia many times in the fight but instead he chose to dance and mock Maia, then run around the Octagon away from Maia causing the crowd to chant GSP instead of Silva or even Maia. Strikeforce Nashville, of course, had the post fight brawl. And now, UFC 113 had Daley sucker punching Koscheck directly after the fight ended. Video Below:

Koscheck laid and prayed his way to victory after (seemingly) faking an injury from an illegal knee from Daley. Daley immediately got up after the buzzer and threw a left hook to Koscheck's face which did not even phase Kos. Koscheck then offended every fan in attendance during his post fight interview with Joe Rogan, claiming the Pittsburgh Penguins will beat Montreal next week in their hockey match, and that he will beat GSP and they will lose twice. When Daley was asked about this mishap after the fight by Dana White, Daley replied he did not hear the buzzer. Then, after being asked if he would like to fight in the UFC again, he simply shrugged. Needless to say, Dana booted him out of the UFC roster with no questions asked. Dana also released Kimbo Slice after his loss to Matt Mitrione (who utilized his game plan well and took out Kimbo in the second round) claiming he is a great persona and has grew as a fighter, but can not keep up as an MMA fighter. It seems Dana's publicity stunt to attract more viewers and fans has drawn its course...
And of course, Mauricio Rua proved to the world he deserved the title by knocking out Lyoto Machida in the first round. Check back for fight videos soon!

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