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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Boxing vs MMA-An Ongoing Battle

So for everyone out there excited for the Machida vs Shogun rematch, your going to have to wait another week. I was as dissapointed as anyone! 9 UFC events after UFC 104 we get to see who deserved the light heavyweight title in the first place. But now, because of boxing and Golden Boy Promotions, MMA fans will have to wait another week for this epic fight card. (Although nothing is finalized because the event is still far away, the card as of now is:Machida vs Shogun 2, Patrick Cote vs Alan Belcher, KIMBO SLICE vs Matt Mitrione, a TUF season 10 reunion, and Jonathan Goulet vs Marcus Davis, and Josh Koscheck vs Paul Daley). Oh, one more thing before the full story, this event was supposed to have a main event of Rampage vs Rashad, but that fell through, so now it is scheduled for UFC 114. So the story is on May 1st, Floyd Mayweather and Shane Mosley will fight and it will be broadcasted on PPV. Now UFC 113 was on the same day in Montreal, Canada. But, because the UFC could not get a PPV slot because of the boxing match, they have to push back the event by 1 week! Now I'm sure there are many people on both sides that are happy and unhappy about this, boxing fans get a good fight, and MMA fans are upset about the fight being delayed, but this is a good sign for boxing because this shows it is still a sport with a wide fan base. A fight is a fight! So I'm going to stay positive on this one and say at least may will have great MMA and Boxing fights! Keep checking back in for more updates!

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