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Friday, January 22, 2010

Matt Serra Vlog Now On YouTube!

UFC posted Matt Serra's vlog for today on their YouTube channel! Matt's a funny guy! You can see him discussing the smack talk for his upcoming fight at UFC 109 against Frank Trigg. Check out the video here:

Also, while on Facebook today, I came across these two great sites! Be sure to check them out here:
site 1-SportzHype Boxing- I know it doesn't seem to be MMA related, but I found a great story about Boxing vs MMA http://www.sportzhypeboxing.com/2010/01/mma-vs-boxing-whats-difference-and-is.html and check out the full site here http://www.sportzhypeboxing.com
now site number 2 is also a boxing site, but I didn't find any MMA related articles here...but there are numerous articles about Manny Pacquiao! One of the best pound for pound boxers in the world right now can be apreciated by fans of any sport so be sure to check out http://boxing.fighthype.com/  for stories about this boxing star!

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