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Friday, February 12, 2010

UFC 112 is now Silva vs Maia

Due to injury, Vitor Belfort will no longer be challenging Anderson Silva for the title. UFC 112 was to make history with the first UFC event in the UAE, Abu Dhabi specifically. Ferari world in Abu Dhabi is currently making an outdoor arena in the center of the park to host the event, with an octagon right in the center. Silva vs Belfort was going to be a very fair match up as Belfort was the top contender for the Middleweight crown. Next up would be Chael Sonnen, but due to a forehead laceration which he obtained in his fight against Nate Marquardt, he would not be cleared in time for UFC 112. Demian Maia will recieve his shot at the title as the 3rd top contender for the title, and after that, we could see Belfort get his shot against the winner (my bet is on Silva!), and then Sonnen should get his shot. Keep checking back for UFC updates!

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