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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Post WEC 48

WEC 48 proved to be an exciting night of surprises. Manny Gamburyan proved he can hang with the best after becoming a finalist on TUF 5 and getting a win over former featherweight champion Mike Brown. The lightweight championship bout amd rematch between Donald Cerrone
and Ben Henderson also surprised fans watching tonight. Their first
meeting in the cage went the distance and every second was filled with
excitement. The fight was Sherdog's fight of the year for 2009 and for
a good reason. It seemed safe to assume the fight would at least go
into the championship rounds if not going the distance. However,
Henderson was able to secure his second title defense and a submission
victory in the first round putting him at 12-1 as a pro. Aldo vs Faber
went the distance and Aldo was able to secure a unanimous decision
victory over The California Kid. After the fight, Aldo showed Class
and what this sport is bout by congradulating Faber and baking his
hand over bad over. This is contrary to the end of the last couple MMA
events (the Strikeforce Brawl and Anderson Silva's dance and
embarassing performance at UFC 112) and exactly what MMA needs right
now. Aldo was able to chop down Faber with many leg kicks which took
away all of Faber's power and his ability to stand knocking him down
many times throughout the fight. Aldo's leg kicks and Faber's response
and falls were remeniscent of Matt Hughes' fight against Renzo Gracie
at UFC 112 where Hughes chopped Gravie down to the point where he
couldn't even stand at the end of the third round. Aldo was dominant
over Faber the entire fight but did not finish Faber. Joe Rogan stated
the end of the fight was boring, but in my opinion Aldo was working
the entire fight and simply showed his respect for Faber by not taking
any silly chances to get ko'd by Faber's power. Aldo was close to
finishing but Faber was just too tough for Aldo. Aldo rocked him with
a head kick and swarmed on Faber, but faber stuck in there. After
seeing this, I expected a Scott Smith type comeback similar to his win
over Cung Le at Strikeforce Evolution (he was getting beaten the whole
fight and turned the tides on Le by securing a KO win in the final
minutes of the third round), but he was chopped down with leg kicks
and was not able to do anything against Aldo but hang in the fight.
Now after Aldo's very dominant performance over one of the top
featherweight in the world it is safe to say Aldo is the real deal. It
has been said that Aldo is the second coming of Anderson Silva, and it
may be too early to say so, but he definetely posses the skill and is
only 23, so he has many years o prove himself in the sport. Up next
for Aldo may be Manny Gamburyan after his stunning defeat over former
champion Mike Brown. Fight Videos from WEC 48 coming soon!

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