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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

WEC 48

The UFC and Strikeforce are two of the top MMA promotions that exist today. The WEC probably falls 4th behind Dream, and that means some MMA fans do not even know of it's existence. However, after this weekend, the WEC will be well known. They have put together a fantastic card which is even good enough to be broadcasted on PPV instead of the usual broadcast available for free on a premium channel (Versus Network). Both the UFC and the WEC are owned by Zuffa, and Dana White, Joe Rogan, and the UFC have been promoting this fight to ensure everyone knows about this event. Now, many of the WEC fighters are not well known-except for Urijah Faber. The California Kid has had 10 fights in the WEC and has 26 Professional MMA fights with a record of 23-3. After wrestling for UC Davis, he took up MMA and has become on of the world's most dominant featherweights. His title was taken away by Mike Brown, who is also fighting on the card on Saturday night. On the 24th Faber will face Sherdog's fighter of the year-Jose Aldo. An explosive striker with a Black Belt in BJJ-Jose Aldo has a very well rounded game. His TKO against Cub Swanson was earned with a FLYING DOUBLE KNEE which is almost as rare to see as a flying armbar submission (and as entertaining!) and he won the fight in just 8 seconds into the fight. This dominant performance earned him a title shot against Mike Brown, who he beat in 1:20 of the second round and became the WEC featherweight champion. The main event of a great card (and the WEC's biggest and best card to date) will see two great fighters fighting for the featherweight title. The co-main event is also a championship fight. Ben Henderson will be fighting Donald Cerrone for the Lightweight Championship. Ben Henderson, with a purple belt in BJJ, has submissions and KO's on his record and will prove to be a challenge for the challenger, Cerrone. Cerrone and Henderson have fought previosly at WEC 43, and the fight went the distance and was filled with non stop action. These two fighters battled it out for 5 rounds for the interim title with not even a moment of boredom. Henderson was able to earn a unanimous decision victory over Cerrone and the fight was chosen as Sherdog's 2009 fight of the year. This event will be very entertaining because, as Cowboy Cerrone says, "The WEC is right there. We deserve the same spotlight. The lighter weight guys are just as exciting and just as talented, if not more. I think we bring a lot more excitement." So there you have it, the WEC fighters always put up entertaining fights and this event is definitely not one to miss!

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