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Friday, January 15, 2010

PRIDE FC Show on Spike

This show was insane! I love watching fights, and this show was just pure action...the best fighters out there in one of the best fight promotions. And this show just selected the most interesting fights. I tune into spike so often and I always find MMA shows that I love watching, and this show is now one of my favorite shows on spike, and on TV! I can't wait for next weeks episode! Comment below on what your favorite fight of this episode was! I especially liked the Rampage Jackson vs Wanderlei Silva fight. Great grappling, submission attempts, and a great stand up battle. These two fighters always give awesome performances, and putting them together makes for one awesome fight. Rampage vs the axe murderer (wanderlei) have fought 3 times so far, each more epic than the last! I think my favorite so far is number 3 (rampage won by KO in teh first round). I don't favor Rampage over Wanderlei but that was an AWESOME KO, wanderlei was actually twiching! (the last few shots by Rampage to the grounded wanderlei, especially when the ref was trying to push him off, were completely unnecessary but exciting to watch). and the weigh ins just fueled my excitement for this fight! If you have not seen this fight WATCH IT NOW! I watched it on ufc's ultimate knockouts 7 but it is also on UFC 92. More about this show next week!

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