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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cris Cyborg Santos Successfully Defends Her Title!

Here is a play by play for the women's championship bout:

Round 1
Coenen starts with a good front kick to the head
Cyborg drives Coenen to the fence
clinch war against the fence
Coenen throws great strikes
remain in the clinch
Cyborg gets a takedown
Coenen gets the closed guard tries armbar Cyborg defends
Cyborg throws strikes from the top
cyborg postures up and stands up
cyborg goes back inot coenens guard
stand up battle
coenen gets teh clinch backs to fence tries trip
cyborg switches and gets clinch throws knees
cyborg lands back kick right before end of the round

Round 2
Cyborg rocks Coenen
Coenen goes to her back and wards off Cyborg
Cyborg tries a slam on Coenen
Cyborg goes from standing to sidemount and Coenen gets the Guard
Cyborg lands strikes from the top and stands it up
Good strikes landed from both fighters
Good body kick by Cyborg
Coenen shoots in for a double, Cyborg defends and gets the clinch and takes Coenen down from the clinch
Cyborg goes back to standing
Cyborg goes back into Coenens guard and postures up
Cyborg stands up again
Cyborg goes back into Coenen's guard and Coenen closes the guard
Coenen and Cyborg exchange shots from the top and bottom

Round 3
Marloes Coenen once again drops down for a double, Cyborg defends and Coenen drives Cyborg to the fence
Cyborg unleashes strikes and kicks on Coenen, Cyborg defends Coenen's takedown and drives her to the ground
Cyborg works to the sidemount and Coenen keeps a half guard
Coenen gets a high guard
Cyborg gets up and trips, falling to her back and Coenen takes the opportunity to stand up
Coenen shoots in for another double and Cyborg drives her to her back
Cyborg throws strikes from standing and finishes the fight with a TKO victory

So Cyborg wins with a TKO victory at 3:40 of the third round.

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