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Monday, January 25, 2010

UFC News Updates

November 14th, 2009-UFC 105 was aired on this date free on Spike. Randy Couture battled Brandon Vera and landed a controversial unanimous decision victory. Mike Swick fought the number one contender for the welterweight belt, Dan Hardy. One of the most exciting knockouts was Andre Winner knocking out Rolando Delgado which you can see here:
(skip ahead to 3 minutes if you just want to see the devastating knockout)

But in a night filled with excitement, Dennis Kang did not get very lucky. Kang came to the UFC from Pride with a 31-10-1 record. But after losing to Michael Bisping, Kang had a UFC record of 1-2 and an overall record of 32-12-1 and was dropped from the UFC. But fans of Kang are in luck as he is going to compete in a Canadian fight promotion which is not very well known, W-1. The event will take place in March and will be billed as Bad Blood.

Also in UFC news,UFC 112 is scheduled to be confirmed for Abu Dhabi in the UAE. There will be a news conference 2 days from now on Wednesday and the location and date should be confirmed for April 10, 2010 in an open air facility in Abu Dhabi. The event will take place only 18 days after UFC 111 which will host 2 championship bouts (GSP vs Dan Hardy and Shane Carwin vs Frank Mir for the interim championship). The UFC 111 card will be hard to top with 2 championship bouts, but UFC 112 will be just as exciting. The main event will be a championship bout with two big name fighters-Anderson Silva, one of the top pound for pound fighters, against Vitor Belfort. Now that alone would not top UFC 111, but the co-main event will be a championship bout as well, similar to UFC 111, BJ Penn vs Frankie Edgar. And to add to the excitement, Matt Hughes (former welterweight champion) will be facing Renzo Gracie. The UFC seems to be going all out for March-April with Fight Night on March 20 with Jon Jones vs Brandon Vera as the main event, then UFC 111, and then an even better card with UFC 112. Let's see if the UFC will be able to keep pushing out exciting fight cards!

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