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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Nick Diaz Wins the Strikeforce Welterweight Belt!

Here is a play by play of the Welterweight championship bout of Nick Diaz vs Marius Žaromskis:

Round 1
Žaromskis starts off with a jump side kick
Diaz starts off with a barrage of punches
Diaz has Žaromskis pinned agaisnt the fence and throws knees, Žaromskis does nothing
Diaz continues right knees to Žaromskis' right leg
Diaz pushes Žaromskis to the mat and the fight then goes back to standing
Žaromskis rocks diaz and gets a controlling position and throws strikes
Žaromskis throws a leg kick and diaz responds with strikes
Diaz continues his barrage of punches and Žaromskis looks exhausted
Žaromskis is backing up and is rocked by Diaz's punches
Diaz lands great strikes to Žaromskis' head

It's official: Diaz wins the Strikeforce men's welterweight title after finishing the fight with a TKO at 4:38 of the very first round!

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