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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Herschel Walker secured a TKO victory in his MMA debut against Greg Nagy in a very boring fight. Herschel Walker starts off by displaying his awkward, flat footed stance (you would think AkA would teach him a better stance) and throws a few leg kicks. Walker then begins his showboating and defends a takedown from Greg Nagy. Walker then gets a controlling position from the guard. Walker then gets into the crusifix position and starts some ground and pound. Round 2 was no more exciting than round 1. Walker gets some more leg kicks from his flat footed stance and gets a takedown. Walker then moves into the mount and slides up into a high mount. Nagy slips out of Walker's mount and the fight goes back to standing. Walker gets another takedown and gets Nagy's back and begins more ground and pound, and then Nagy turns into Walker and Walker returns to the mount. Round 3 is where the fight ends with a tko and Nagy realizes he is losing and tries to get throw some punches and then pulls guard and attempts an armbar, which walker defends with a stack. Nagy gives his back again and the ref calls the fight after Walker ground and pounds his way to victory with some strikes to the body and head. Walker definitely can make a name for himself in this sport, but he will have to train some more for better opponents!

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